Time Picker Properties


A time picker is a variation on a TextBox control. The time picker option appears in a TextBox control if the grid is updatable.


Time Picker

Show a 'Time Picker' icon which can be clicked to open a time picker.

Open how

Specify how the date picker will be opened. Can either be when user clicks the icon, or when user clicks in the field. Choices include ClickIcon, Focus.

Time format

Specify the time format in which time will be returned when the user makes a selection from the Time Picker. If you specify <Default>, the format is controlled by the 'Date format' property in the 'Miscellaneous' section on the Grid Properties tab page.

Time picker Icon

Enter a number between 1 and 6 to select the built-in date picker icon to display.

User must select from Time picker

Specify if the user can type in a date/time value, or must select the value from the Date/Time picker. If this option is checked, then the Date/Time picker is automatically set to open when the control gets focus.

OK button label

Specify the label of the OK button. You can use language tags - <a5:r> and </a5:r>.

Cancel button label

Specify the label of the Cancel button. You can use language tags - <a5:r> and </a5:r>

Adding a Time Picker 

You can enable a Time Picker for Short-time fields and Character fields.

To turn on the Time Picker for these field types, check the 'Time Picker' property in the new 'Time Picker Properties' section. The Open how property lets you define whether a user clicking on an icon (ClickIcon) or clicking on a field (Focus) will open the Timepicker. The Time format property allows you to set how the time is displayed, there are , , and options. Checking the User must select from Time picker property will automatically open the time picker when the field control it is in gets focus. The OK button label property and Cancel button label property simply change the text on the OK and Cancel buttons that appear on the time picker. As with other labels you can introduce HTML directly into the label definition, to give the OK and Cancel buttons the appearance you want.

Time picker with icon