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You can pick what type of control you want to represent a given field using the Control Type property.


If your grid is 'Read only', then the fields that you put on the grid will be displayed by default using Label controls. If the grid is Updatable , then the fields initially will be displayed using textbox controls. Label controls display the value of the field but do not have a width setting. In contrast, textbox controls always have a specified character width, even if the field is Read only. For some data types, such as Images and dates, you will have to manually select the control type. You can select other control type by using the Control Type dropdown under Display Settings in the Field Properties list.


A Label is read-only control suitable for character, numeric, and date/time data. See also Label Properties.


A Textbox is an editable control suitable for character, numeric, and date/time data. See also Textbox Properties.


A TextArea is similar to a text box, but with multiple lines. See also TextArea Properties.


A Link is used to add a link that may open another page or select a record to display. See also Link Properties.


An Image can be used to display either embedded or linked images. See also Image Properties.


A DropDownBox is a list box that appears as either a list or combo box. Dropdown boxes present a selection from an existing list of values; that is hard coded or retrieved from a table. See also DropDownBox Properties.


A RadioButton is a control that allows users to select one option from a list of values. See also RadioButton Properties.


A Checkbox is a control that allows a selection of one or more options from a list of values. See also Checkbox Properties.


A Custom control type allows you to create the complete definition for the control using Xbasic and HTML to display the value for the field. See also Custom Properties.


The Hidden control hides controls without hiding the column that contains them. See also Hidden Properties.