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Specify Javascript to validate the data in the field. Client-side validation is very fast because it does not involve making an Ajax callback to the server.


Data Validation

The Grid component has exceptionally strong data validation features. This video demonstrates the validation features available, including Data validation rules, Data validation using custom Xbasic at the field level, Data validation events, and automatically honoring Field Rules for DBF tables.

Validating Data

The UX Component has an extremely rich set of features for validating data in the component. Validation rules can be defined declaratively, or by using code (either Javascript for client-side or Xbasic for server-side). Validation rules are evaluated on the client where possible (thus eliminating the need for an Ajax callback). Validation rules can be set to fire when the dialog is submitted, or immediately when the user tabs out of a field.

These video discuss the various validation options in the UX Component.

The videos below discuss the validation features of Alpha Anywhere. While these videos were recorded for the UX Component, the discussions about Validation rules, Validation Xbasic, and Immediate Validation apply to the Grid Component.