Selecting the Fields to Display


Selecting fields, refreshing the fields list, adding and deleting fields, moving fields, and using the editable feature.

First Step:

  1. Display the Grid > Fields page.

Do you want the grid to be editable?

  1. If you want the grid to be updateable, but initially specified read-only, you may check the editable?checkbox.

Although a grid starts out as updateable, it can still be read only. This has the virtue of using text boxes instead of labels to represent the data in the grid, which in turn provides more reliable formatting alternatives, as well as the ability to copy data from the fields. If you change a grid that started out as updateable to read only, you will have to manually reset the grid field control types to label. If the grid is updateable, you may also disable the update properties of any particular field.

Refresh the Available Fields List

  1. If a field that you know is part of the table is not visible in the Available Fieldslist (typically after you have restructured a table), go to the Grid > Querypage and click to refresh it.

Add to the Selected Fields List

  1. Display the Grid > Fieldspage.

  2. Use and to move fields from the Available Fieldslist to the Selected Fieldslist.

  3. Use and to move fields from the Selected Fieldslist to the Available Fieldslist.

  4. Optionally, use the , , and buttons to reorganize the sequence of selected fields.

Detail View Considerations

When creating a Detail View, it is necessary to have a unique key for each record. Thus, if you are going to have a Detail View, you must:

  1. Add your key field into the Selected Fieldslist.

  2. Select the control that contains the key field and change its Display Settings > Control typeto "Link".

  3. Change the control's Link Properties > Link address typeto "DetailView Link".

  4. Display the Detail View > Properties page.

  5. Select the control that contains the key field in the Detail view hyperlink field > Hyperlink fieldlist.

There are two other special fields named and that can identify a record's position in the grid and in the current query. However, in a multi-user environment, cannot be relied upon to provide a consistent link to the target record. In this case you would want to create an expression based on two or more fields in the source table and use this expression as the Hyperlinkfield of the Detail View properties page.