Resolve abstract CSS class names


Can view class names using the browser to see real physical class names.

If feature is turned off get to see what the abstract class name is. Can override any of the entries in the class map with your own CSS definitions. If you don't override class name you will end up with the default map.

Default Class Map Dialog. see what maps to what. Select Abstract Class Name Dialog.

When is it appropriate to use the class map when should you use the style editor to change the style in a class. Adjusting the class map really is for minor tweaks to the style. If you wanted to go make all of the edits input controls have a certain style it would be appropriate to do that in the style builder. But in some cases you might not get the fine control you need by adjusting the style and so making edits to the classmap will give you finer control over the appearance of individual elements in your web component.