Linked Content Definition


Specify the definition of the linked grid/content section(s).

  1. You can have as many linked content sections as you want can place them in a freeform edit region anywhere in the grid, it doesn't matter, completely up to your control

  2. add arbitrary name - ex PRIMARY can have as many of these as you want

  3. click define linked content

  4. click Add Object

  5. first grid you want to link would be order

  6. click OK

  7. Click Parent field and then customer ID field

  8. Click add grid

  9. add customersbycountry grid link its parent field to the country field

  10. Set initial Grid to display to 1. This will be the first grid to appear

  11. Choose whether you want to display the grid as a tab control or an accordion control.

  12. Choose your tab location, if you have a tab control - top, bottom, left or right.

  13. Click edit freeform edit regions button to place the content on the component. Select bottom to put it underneath the grid add a break to put some space between the linked grid and the grid part. then click on the Available placeholder for the linked grid you created.

  14. Run it

  15. The image below shows a Customer grid. The last cell in the Grid contains an embedded, linked Grid showing the orders for that customer. The embedded Grids are rendered by making subsequent Ajax callbacks after the parent Grid has rendered. This means that the embedded Grids do not slow down the initial rendering of the parent Grid.