Initial open Panes


If you have an Accordion container you can choose which panes in the accordion will be open when a user first looks at your grid component.

To do this simply make a list of all of the panes that you want to be in the open position next to the Initial open panes property. Individual entries are separated by commas. How many panes you can have open at one time is determined by the Accordion style property. If you set the Accordion style to 'Single', then only one pane will open at any given time. This is true even if you listed multiple panes to open in the Initial open panes property. To do this you will need to have the Accordion Style set to its default setting, 'Multiple'.


The grid component is made up of three sub-parts: search part, grid part, and detail view part. In earlier versions of Alpha Anywhere, you laid out these three parts on the .a5w page that contained the grid component. With master templates, you can lay out these parts in the grid definition itself. You can also enclose the parts in a tab or accordion object.