Filtering a Grid with Quick Search


Quick Searchis an option for a grid component that allows you to quickly filter and re-display its contents. To add Quick Search to a grid:

  1. Create a grid based on the Customertable of the AlphaSports database. Make sure the grid displays the "Bill_State_Region" field.

  2. If the grid is not already open in the Grid Builder, open it now.

  3. Select the Grid > Properties page.

  4. Scroll down to the Quick Search section and change Quick Search > Has Quick Searchto "True".

  5. Click in Quick Search > Field(s) to Searchto display the Select Fields(s) to Searchdialog.

  6. Leave Search in a single fieldselected.

  7. Select "Bill_State_Region" in the Fields to searchlist and click OK.

  8. Select "Dropdownbox" in the Quick Search > Control typelist.

  9. Click in Quick Search > Choicesto display the Define Choices for 'QuickSearch'dialog.