Shading and Dividers PropertiesRow separator


An optional divider line shown between rows in the Grid.


The Row separator property defines whether there should be separating line between rows. The divider is more noticeable in some styles.

The separator line is defined in the Web Theme assigned to the Grid component. The Separator class name property in the Grid's web theme defines the class name(s) used for the separator line.

The Alpha web theme defines the separator line in the .gridSep class. The SASS definition in the Alpha theme for the class is shown below:

.gridSep {
background: $lineLightColor;
font-size: 0px;
padding: 0px;
height: 1px;

$lineLightColor is a SASS variable defined in the Alpha theme that contains the separator line color.

See Alternate Row Shading for a discussion on how to customize the web theme.

Grid with a row separator
Grid with Row separator turned on
Grid without a row separator
Grid with Row separator turned off