Navigation System


A list of Navigation System settings available in Alpha Anywhere.

Root Settings

Display Method

Direction of the toolbar.

  • Horizontal Toolbar

  • Vertical Toolbar

Menu Event

The event on which the menu is displayed.

  • onclick

  • onmouseover

On Initialize Javascript

Define Javascript to run once the Navigation System has been initialized. This Javascript can use the placeholder "{navsys.object}" to get a pointer to the Navigation System object.


Width of the toolbar buttons (optional).

Outer Width

Width of the toolbar.

Inner Width

Width of the toolbar buttons.


Height of the toolbar buttons (optional).


Style to render the navigation system with.

Language Definitions

Language definitions

Define strings for different languages.

Active language

Specify the active language to use for translatating strings tagged with .. tags. Setting the property here is useful for for testing purposes. In a real application you can set the 'session.__protected__activeLanguage' variable to specify the active language. To select the default language, enter or leave this property blank.


Security Model

Choose level-based security for compatibility with versions prior to Version 8. Choose group-based to use the Version 8 and newer web security system.

  • Group Based

  • Level Based

Node Settings


Type of menu node (Link, HTML, Separator). If the menu node has children, then this property is disabled.

Security Level

Defines the security level at which the node/branch of the menu is available.

Security Groups

Defines the security groups for which the node/branch of the menu is available.

Show/Hide Expression

Specify a server-side expression. The expression can use session variables. If the expression evaluates to .t. the menu is included.