Page Layout Component Properties


The Page Layout Component properties can be used to configure it's behavior and how it is displayed.

Page Layout Properties 

Class map

Specify how the abstract CSS class names used in this component map to physical CSS class names in your style sheets.

Resolve class map at runtime

To optimize performance, the class map is resolved a design time. If you check this property you can dynamically change the appearance of the component at runtime by remapping all of the abstract classes used in the component to a different set of physical CSS class names.

Style name

Click the button to select a new style, or edit the existing style. You can also use <ProjectStyle> or <Session:varname>. For more information about styles, see CSS, SVG, and Styling Applications.

Use compact theme

The style you selected supports a 'compact' view. The standard view is more appropriate for mobile applications. The 'compact' view is often used in desktop browser applications.

Font size

Specify if the fonts in Grid Components should be scaled to make the Grid larger or smaller. Select 'Medium' for no scaling (i.e. the fonts shown will match those defined in the style sheet).

Master template

Specify an optional Master Template. This allows you to place arbitrary HTML surrounding the Page Layout component.

Page title

Specify the page title for the .a5w page that renders this component.

CSS Properties 

A5Container class padding

Every control is wrapped in a div with the class of 'a5container'. The padding specified here is the minimum space between adjacent controls. Use CSS syntax to specify padding. e.g. 10px, .1in, etc.

Local CSS definitions

Define any local CSS classes. You can include SASS syntax in your CSS definition. For more information on SASS syntax see Customizing Style Colors and Fonts.

Additional Grid styles

Specify if any other styles (in addition to the primary style for the Tabbed UI component) must be included. Enter a comma delimited list of style names. e.g., GlassOlive,Airport

CSS Linked files

Specify any CSS files that should be linked (in addition to the primary style for the Tabbed UI Component). Enter a comma delimited list of filenames.

CSS (Font) Icons

Specify if any CSS Icon libraries should be loaded.

Arguments Properties 


Define arguments. Arguments can be bound to page, session and cookie variables. You can use argument values in the filter or link expressions for Grid Components, Reports and A5W pages.

Javascript Properties 

Javascript Linked files

Specify any Javascript files that should be linked. Enter a comma delimited list of filenames.

JavaScript function declarations

Define JavaScript functions for various client-side events.

Other Properties 

Date format

Specify the format that the user must use for entering date values. (Applies in the case of Reports that prompt for date or time argument values.) In V11 and above an optional time format can also be specified. The time portion of the format string is separated from the date portion by '&&'.

You can specify the date format dynamically by setting the format using this session variable: __protected__clientSideDateFormat

Linked resources

Specify if this component should include CSS defined in any of the child Grid components that this component will open.

Language definitions

Define strings for different languages.

Text dictionary tags

Show Text Dictionary tags (<a5:t>...</a5:t>) used in this component.

Active language

Specify the active language to use for translating strings tagged with <a5:r>..</a5:r> tags. Setting the property here is useful for testing purposes. In a real application you can set the 'session.__protected__activeLanguage' variable to specify the active language. To select the default language, enter <Default> or leave this property blank.

Remove un-consumed language tags

If enabled, any language tags that were not replaced (because they were not defined in the Language Definition) will be removed from output sent to the browser.

Advanced Properties 

Other properties

For advanced users. Specify other properties for the Page Layout Component that are not defined in the builder.

Save component format

Specify if the component should be saved as a binary file or as formatted JSON.

Formatted JSON saves the properties in clear text. This is useful if you are using some type of source or version control system and the system has a method to show differences between versions. A Page Layout Component can be saved as Binary or Formatted JSON.