TabbedUI Client-side EventsbeforeHTMLReportExport


Fires when the user clicks a toolbar button to export an HTML report to PDF, Excel, Word, or text.


This event is fired when an HTML report is displayed and the user clicks one of the buttons on the report toolbar to export the HTML report to PDF, Word, Excel or Text mode. This event can be used to put display a custom wait dialog. The afterAjaxCallbackComplete event can be used to dismiss the custom wait dialog.



An object with the following properties:


The name of the HTML report that will be created.

Displaying a "Wait" Message 

Some reports can take a while to generate. You can show a wait message to the user that can then be closed in the afterAjaxCallbackComplete event when the report is ready:

var title = "Creating Report";
var buttons = "none";
var html = "Please wait while the " + e.reportName + " is created.";
var onClose = function () {/*optional JavaScript to execute when the message box is closed*/};,html,buttons,onClose);