TabbedUI Client-side EventsonPusherMessage


Fires when the app receives a message from the Pusher service.


The onPusherMessage client-side event is triggered when a message from Pusher is received. Pusher is a 3rd-party service that allows you to build real-time applications without the complexity of using web-sockets.



An object passed to the event that contains the following properties:


The message text.


The channel the message was received on.


The event name.


Webinar: Using Pusher with Alpha Anywhere

In this three-part webinar series, we demonstrate how to use the Pusher service with Alpha Anywhere.

2020-05-27, 2020-06-03, 2020-06-10

Real-time Messaging using the Pusher Service

Real-time applications are typically built using web-sockets. However, it can be tricky to set up web-socket applications, especially if your application is behind a load balancer. The 3rd party Pusher service makes it very easy to build real-time applications that allow you to broadcast messages on a 'channel'. All clients that subscribe to that channel will receive the message.

In this video, we show how the UX component can be configured for real-time applications using the Pusher service.

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Real-time Location Reporting using the Pusher Service

In this video, we show how to build a real-time location reporting application using the Pusher service. When a user 'reports' their location, a marker is automatically added to a map control showing the location of the user.

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