Tabbed UI Component


The Tabbed UI Component can be used to combine multiple components, records, forms, and A5W pages under one user interface.

Client-side Events

Client-side events for the Tabbed UI Component.

Introducing the Tabbed UI Builder

Creating a well designed user interface is an important step in the process of developing an application. Once all of the components, records, forms, A5W pages, and other parts of your application have been created, it is necessary to pull them all together into one well organized structure. In Alpha Anywhere, the Tabbed UI Builder is what allows you to build a complete user interface for your application.

Server-side Events

Server-side events for the Tabbed UI Component.

Tabbed UI Component

For an introduction to the Tabbed UI Component, see video number 25 in the V10 Web Applications Videos

Tabbed UI Properties

Property Categories

TabbedUI Object - Method to Select the Active Pane

The Tabbed UI object has a method to select the active pane by its title. For example, say you have a pane with a title of 'Customers'. This JavaScript will select that pane:

How a Grid in a Tabbed UI Pane can invoke Methods on a Grid in another Tabbed UI Pane

In the Grid to be controlled, add the following code to the onGridRender client-side event: