Free-form Layout


Wraps a selected set of controls in a free-form layout defined using HTML.


The Free-form Layout can be used to position controls on a UX Component using HTML. To embed a control in a Free-form Layout on the UX, the control must be hidden. A control can be hidden by checking its Hide property.


When a control is embedded in a Free-form Layout control, the HTML that is generated for that control is embedded into the layout. Controls that can be placed in the [Free-form layout] will be shown in the toolbox in the Freeform Edit Region dialog. Double-clicking an item inserts it into the layout. Any HTML can be used to define the layout. EG:

Hidden fields are shown in a list on the left in the builder.
The rendered result of the Free-form layout definition defined in the image above.

If the data you want to show in a free-form layout is from a List control, a free-form layout can be defined in the List control's definition or created using a FormView or ViewBox control. The ViewBox control is also a powerful tool for creating templates to display data in a UX Component.