Events to Transform Data Before Display and Save


When you define a List control with a Detail View, two new properties are exposed for each List field.

  • onDetailView Populate Javascript

  • onListUpdate Javascript

These properties allow you to transform the data before it is displayed in the Detail View and before the Detail View is saved back to the List. The code you you specify in these two properties must 'return' the transformed value. The Javascript for both of these properties can refer to


to get the default value that the Detail View control should be populated with when the user clicks on a Detail View row and to get the default value that the List should be updated with when the user clicks the Save button to save the Detail View back to the List. For example, say that in the List data for row 2, the value for the Lastname field was 'Smith'. In the onDetailViewPopulate event, you might specify this Javascript

return this._value.toUpperCase()

When the user clicked on row 2, the value shown for the Lastname field in the corresponding Detail View control would be:


even though the actual data in the List for that field was 'Smith'. Similarly, in the onListUpdate event, you might specify this Javascript:

return this._value.toLowerCase()

When Detail View edits were saved back to the List, the List would be updated with the lowercase version of the data in the Lastname field