Set the Min and Max Values at Run-time for a SemiCircularNumberDisplay Control


The minimum and maximum value of the SemiCircularNumberDisplay Control can be dynamically set at run-time.


The SemiCircularNumberDisplay control can be dynamically updated at run-time to change the minimum and maximum value shown in the control. The {dialog.object}.getControl() method can be used to get the SemiCircularNumberDisplay control object. The object has properties and methods that can be used to manipulate the control on the client. The minimum and maximum value are stored as numbers within the SemiCircularNumberDisplay control's rgraphSettings property: obj.rgraphSettings.min and obj.rgraphSettings.max.

For example, the following JavaScript sets the minimum value to 40 and the maximum value to 200 (click here to download an example component):

//get a pointer to the control
var obj = {dialog.object}.getControl('semicircularNumber_1');

//set the min and max
obj.rgraphSettings.max = 200;
obj.rgraphSettings.min = 40;

//redraw the control

The redraw() function is then called to refresh the SemiCircularNumberDisplay control to show the new minimum and maximum. See SemiCircularNumberDisplay Control Methods for more details about the SemiCircularNumberDisplay control object's methods and properties.

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