Slider Control in a UX Component


A slider control is a graphical way of displaying and entering one or two numeric values. Our slider control is touch-sensitive on mobile devices and PC touch screens, and typically takes less screen real estate than a scroll bar.


Embedding a Slider into the UX Component 

How to define a simple slider control and a slider message:

How to use advanced slider control features such as fading messages, two-value sliders, and automation using getValue() and setValue():

Rendering the Slider in a larger format on a mobile device. 


Download the Components used in the videos above

Using the Slider to set a 'Rating' Image Showing Number of Stars 

A common metaphor in Web applications is to indicate a 'rating' by showing an image with stars.


This video shows how the slider control can be used to set the rating and show the appropriate 'stars' image.

These videos show how the UX components were configured:

Download the Components Used in the Videos above

As of Build 1794-4227 18 Nov 2013, if you turned on the slider message, but did not have an onChange event defined, you would get an error when trying to save the component. If you had defined an onChange event, there was no error.

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