Inserts an Editor for editing a value ina time control using Spin List controls for the hour, minute, and AM/PM values.


The [Editor-TimeSpinLists] control adds an Editor to the UX Component that can be use to edit a time value.

This control must be placed inside an EditorSet container.

To select the time value editor, select [Editor-TimeSpinLists] from the list of controls in the Defined Controls section.


The image below shows a form control on the left with a time value and a time value editor on the right. The time value editor is implemented using three spin lists - one for hours, one for minutes and one for AM/PM.


Configuring the Editor

To configure the Time value editor, click the smart field for the Editor configuration genie property in the FormView builder on the Fields tab.

The configuration genie allows you to specify if the 'Now' button should be shown.


Customizing the Spin Lists

The values in the hours, minutes, and am/pm Spin Lists are defined as static choices. You can modify the values in the spin lists to customize the choices displayed. For example, minutes can be changed to display multiples of 5, 10, 15 minutes, etc.

Values in the Spin Lists can also be populated dynamically at run-time using the Spin List control's JavaScript populate Method. This is useful if the Time Spin List editor will be used to edit multiple fields that may have different time restrictions - such as half-hour increments only or hours limited to between 8AM and 5PM. See Dynamically Repopulating a Spin List Control to learn more.

To add data validation, use the Validate editor event for the Editor.

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