Default value


Specify the default value for the control.

The default value can be a value, an expression (start expression with an = sign), a session variable (e.g., a page variable (e.g., or an argument (e.g. =:arg1).

If the control is a dropdownbox, radio button, or checkbox, you must set the stored value, not he display value.

If the control is a two-value 'slider', the default value is of the form value1..value2.

If the control is multi-valued (e.g. checkbox, list configured as multi-select, etc.), you can use special array() syntax. For example: array(red,green). Alternatively, you can enter an expression as a CR-LF delimited list: ="red"+crlf()+"green".

For numeric fields, numbers must be entered with a period for the decimal separator, regardless of the regional settings on the machine when the server is running.