Immediate validation


Defines when server-side and client-side validation is applied.


When a control with validation is edited, the validation can be applied immediately or after the data is submitted to the server. The Immediate validation property defines what validation rules should be applied after the user has edited a field: Client-side, Client-side and server-side, or None (control values are not validated after the user edits them).

By default, Immediate validation is set to Client-side. Client-side validation rules include the Validation rules and Validation javascript.

If you wish to also apply Validation Xbasic rules, set Immediate validation to Client-side and server-side. When set to Client-side and server-side, Alpha Anywhere makes an Ajax Callback to the server to validate the value in a control. Note that making callbacks to provide real-time validation for your application can have an impact on your app's performance. Be careful to use the Client-side and server-side option only for those fields that require real-time server-side validation.

If you don't want to apply any immediate validation, set Immediate validation to None. When set to None, validation occurs when the UX component is submitted. Disabling immediate validation also disables Validation javascript because the validation is done on the server using Xbasic.

Immediate validation option

Client-side validation rules are applied to the field after the user interacts with the control.

Client-side and server-side

Client-side and server-side validation rules are applied to the filed after the user interacts with the control. An Ajax Callback is made to the application server to perform server-side validation every time the field is validated.


Immediate validation is disabled. Fields are validated on the server when data is submitted. Hides the Validation javascript property.

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