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Defines where the detail view for editing records in a List is located: within the List or externally located, such as on another panel. This property can also be used to embed other content -- Lists, Maps, etc -- in the List row.


The Detail view position specifies whether or not content, such as the Detail View, is embedded in a List or resides external to the list, such as in another Panel or container. The position can be one of the following:


The Detail View and/or related content exists externally to the List, such as on another panel or in a Container next to the List. The List contains no embedded content.


The List contains embedded content. The content to embed must be placed inside a Container. The content can be the List's Detail View or any other controls you wish to embed within the List row.

If the Detail view position is set to InsideList-BeneathListRow, addition settings are exposed to select the container that contains the content to embed and additional settings to configure how the embedded content is shown, including animation duration, icon used to display the open/closed state, and custom JavaScript to execute when the content is shown. See Detail view container for Detail View positioned in List and Embedded detail view properties for more information.


Embedding Child Lists in the Top-most Parent List

It is quite common to build UX components with a series of related lists. For example, you might have lists for Customers, Orders and OrderDetails. When you select a row in the Custom list, the Orders list is repopulated showing he orders for the selected Customer, and so on. You might want to embed these child lists inside the top-most parent list (i.e. the Customer list in this example). so that the child Lists are only shown when the user taps on a row in the parent list.

In this video we show how this can be done.

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Webinar: Embedded Detail View in a List Control

In this Alpha Anywhere Demo and Q&A session, we demonstrate the new Embedded Detail View in a List Control feature in Alpha Anywhere release.

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