Responsive Columns


Defines the minimum screen width required for the List field (column) to be visible in a List control with a Column layout.


The Responsive column property can be used to automatically hide specific fields (columns) in the List with a Columnar Layout based on the available screen space to display the List. The Responsive column property is a value specified in pixels that defines the minimum List width required to display the field column. When the width of the List is less than the value of Responsive column, the field column will be hidden.

The computation that determines which columns should be show/hidden is made when the List's onResize event.

The List onResize event will fire automatically if the List is inside a Panel Card and the List is set to fill the container. The event will fire when the Panel Card size changes.


List Control Responsive Columns

In this video we show how to make a responsive List control where columns in the List are automatically hidden when the List width falls below a specified value.

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List with a Column Layout

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