Do incremental refresh after List is populated


Specify if an incremental refresh should be performed after the List is populated. An incremental refresh will not refresh List rows that have been edited but have not been persisted back to server.


The Do incremental refresh after List is populated property adds the ability to kick off an incremental refresh of the List after the List has been populated.

A pattern that some mobile App developers use when building offline applications is to automatically do an incremental List refresh when the App is first loaded. This ensures that the user has up to date data on their device. An incremental List refresh (rather than a full refresh) is done so that any unsynchronized edits are not lost. If the Detail View has unsaved edits (changes that have not been saved back to the List), the record being edited is also not updated to prevent losing any edits the user has made.

Incremental refresh is only available for Lists with a Detail View.


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