Watermark text


Specifies the text to display as a Watermark.

You can set the Watermark text property to <FieldLabel> in order to display the control's label as the watermark.

Setting the Watermark text to replicate the textarea label
The result

High Order Characters (e.g. Hebrew)

Specifying watermark text for a textbox or textarea control using high order characters (for example, Hebrew characters) is possible, but requires the text for the Watermark to be entered as a unicode encoded string, with the {unicode} prefix.

For example, to set the watermark to the characters shown in the screenshot below, enter the following into the Watermark text property:


In the screenshot shown below, the watermark is in Hebrew and it is on the right side of the control.

A watermark in Hebrew

To get the text flow direction to 'right-to-left' (so that the watermark is on the right side of the control), the following Javascript was added to the client-side onRenderComplete event:

document.body.style.direction = 'rtl';