A5W Page Properties



The A5W Page Properties defines the A5W page to embed in the component. The content must be contained in an A5W file in the web project. This option is only available when the Embedded Object Properties Object type is set to "A5W page".

For embedded static HTML page options, see HTML Document Properties.

For embedded external HTML page options, see External URL Properties.

A5W page filename

The A5W page to embed. You can also specify an external target.

To specify the page, click the smart field button to open the Link Address Builder. You can choose to "Navigate to a page in the current project" (default) or "Navigate to an external target".

If you are embedding an A5W page, select "Navigate to a page in the current project" then select the page from the list of pages in the list.

When an A5W page is selected, any components embedded in the page will be shown in the list on the right. You can optionally set Argument Values for these components (arguments must be defined within the component in order to assign arguments.) If the component is a Grid component, you can define an optional filter, order, or linked fields for the component. These settings will be passed to the Grid at run-time.

When embedding the A5W page, you can also specify additional page variables for components in the page. Page variables are available to both server-side events (in the Context.Request.Variables object) and client-side code (in the window.location object) scripts on the page.

The Link Address Builder is used to configure options for the embedded A5W page

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