Has row number


Specifies if the row number for the current row in the repeating section should be shown.

Has row number defines whether or not row numbers should be shown in the repeating section. If you enable Has row number, then you MUST insert a 'Row Number' control in the repeating section. The 'Row Number' control can be found in the 'Defined Controls' section. You can watch this video for an example on how to add row numbers to a repeating section, or follow the guide below.

Inserting a Row Number in a Repeating Section

To insert a row number in a repeating section, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the box for the repeating section's Has row number property.

  2. In the Display Row Count dialog, check the Display row count? box.

  3. Finally, add a 'Row Number' control to the repeating section.


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