The afterLogin event can be used to display a message on the screen indicating the (friendly) name of the logged in user.

For example, assume you have a static text control on the UX with this text:

Logged in as:

In the afterLogin event, you could add this code:

var ele = $('loggedinusername');
ele.innerHTML = e.userNameFriendly;

You might also put a client-side show/hide expression on the label as follows:

dialog.isLoggedIn = true

This will cause the static text control to be hidden when there is no logged in user.

In a Mobile application, a common design pattern is to put the login screen in a Panel Card and the application in one or more additional Panel Cards. The Panel Cards would then all be wrapped in a Panel Navigator that was set to 'programmatic' mode for the method of navigating the Panels. In the afterLogin event you would set focus to the first Panel Card in the application. In the afterLogout event, you would set focus back to the Panel Card that contains the logn form.