Fires after the HTML/ Javascript for the initial render of the UX Component has been computed. Allows you to use Xbasic to modify the HTML or Javascript.

This event fires after all of the HTML for the UX component has been computed. It allows you to modify the HTML or Javascript that was computed. You can perform string manipulation operations on e.html, or e.javascript to change the HTML or Javascript that gets rendered.


HTML for the UX component.


Javascript for the UX component (TIP: If you want to emit additional Javascript, append it to e.javascript. For example: e.javascript = e.javascript + "alert('some more...');"


Runtime calculations - you can use this to store data to be passed to other server side events (Note: the 'rtc' object cannot be used to persist state information - i.e. you can't set a value in rtc and then read that value in a subsequent callback. To persist state info see e._state).


Component definition