Javascript - cacheProgress


Fires while the files stored in the Application Cache are being downloaded. Allows you to display a progress message to the user.


Fires each time a file in the cache is downloaded. Use this event to display progress. Your code can reference the following variables:


The number of files that have been loaded.

The total number of files in the cache.

This event is not supported on Firefox. Firefox does not return the e.event.loaded or variable.


var ele = $('APPCACHE_DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS'); = '';

if(typeof != 'undefined') { 
    ele.innerHTML = 'Loaded ' + e.event.loaded + ' of ' +;
    if(e.event.loaded == { = 'none';
} else { 
    ele.innerHTML = 'Working....';
To use this example in your own UX Component, you must add a div with the ID APPCACHE_DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS to the component. This can be done using the Static Text control. The Static Text control can be found in the Other Controls section.