A5CWLayout class padding


Every control is wrapped in a div tag with the class 'A5CWLayout'. The padding specified here is the space between adjacent controls. Use CSS syntax to specify padding. e.g. 10px, .1in, etc. The default is 4px

The choice selected for the 'Layout type' property combined with the A5CWLayout class padding setting, specified here, will impact the overall organization of controls when a component is run. Using the 'Container Width' setting for the Layout type is recommended. This means that when you set the width of the control on the UX Controls page, you are actually setting the width of the div that contains the control. For example, Here is a textbox control with a width of 100%. The Layout type set to 'Container Width' and the 'A5CWLayout class padding' has been set to 50px.

Layout type 'Container Width' with 50px padding.

Here are two controls with a width of 50%. The Layout type is set to 'Container Width', and the 'A5CWLayout class padding' is 25px. There is no toggle break between the controls

Layout type 'Container Width', 25px padding, and two controls with width of 50%.

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