Allow style to be changed at run-time


Specify if the UX Component's style can be modified at run-time.


The UX Component's style affects the generated layout of the component. If you do not need to change the style of the component at run-time, disabling Allow style to be changed at run-time will result in further optimization. This is because the style can be computed at design-time, rather than run-time.

The most common case for needing to change the style at run-time is when a child UX Component is designed using a different style than the parent UX Component and you want both components to use the parent's style. When the child component is added to the parent, you can specify that the child component should use the same style as the parent. If both UX Components were designed using different styles, the child UX Component will only use the style of the parent UX Component if the style can be changed at run-time.

Pre-render component at design-time cannot be used if the component uses server-side expressions to control the layout of the UX Component.