Pre-render component at design-time


Pre-rendering the UX Component at design time makes it faster to load the component at run-time.


When a UX Component is pre-rendered at design-time, the HTML and Javascript for the layout of the component is computed at design-time, rather than run-time. This will make the initial load of the component faster. This increase in speed will be escpecially noticable on large components.

When a pre-rendered component is run, the code that computes the initial values for controls and populates controls with the results of database queries (e.g. code to populate a List control), is run, but code that computes the UX layout is not run. This means any server-side code that is used to calculate the layout is not executed. If you have used server-side expressions or code to modify the layout of the UX Component, including security to restrict access to certain controls or server-sides show/hide expressions, you cannot use the Pre-render component at design-time property.

Pre-render component at design-time cannot be used if the component uses server-side expressions to control the layout of the UX Component.