Use compact theme


If supported by the theme, enables 'compact' view. The 'compact' view is often used in desktop browser applications.

The Alpha theme and all Alpha-based themes have been designed for both mobile and desktop applications. By default, these themes render applications with large controls and extra whitespace, making your application easy to use on mobile and touch devices.

Using the default theme

If your application is designed for desktop use where users will interact with your application using a mouse and keyboard, the extra whitespace present in the mobile version of the theme may not be desired. In this situation, you can use the compact version of the Alpha or Alpha-based theme.

The compact theme shrinks the size of field data, buttons, and labels. This means that the amount of space required by controls is reduced, allowing you to include more information on screen.

To use the compact version, check the Use compact theme property.

Using the compact theme

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