Generating Reports with "Direct to PDF"


Alpha Anywhere uses the "Direct to PDF" to generate reports. Direct to PDF replaces the Amyuni driver, which is obsolete and no longer supported nor shipped with Alpha Anywhere.


The default for creating PDF reports has changed with the release of Alpha Anywhere (Released December 1, 2020). Previously, PDF reports were created using the Amyuni printer driver. Now, the Amyuni printer driver is no longer used and a new "Direct to PDF" option is used.

Since the release of Alpha Anywhere, the Amyuni drivers are no longer shipped with Alpha Anywhere and generating reports using the Amyuni drivers is no longer supported.

Generating reports using the Amyuni Drivers is no longer supported.

Generating Reports in Web Applications

For web applications, Action JavaScript offers these options:


When choosing a PDF printing option for the report Action Javascript, you may see two choices: PDF and PDFDirect. Both options will generate the PDF report using PDFDirect. The PDFDirect option was introduced when the Direct to PDF option was initially introduced. At that time PDF produced reports using the Amyuni drivers while PDFDirect used the new "Direct to PDF" method.

The PDFDirect option is now identical to the PDF option as support for generating reports with the Amyuni drivers has been removed.

Known issues with the PDFDirect method of generating PDF Reports

For reports that use non-latin character sets (e.g. CJK or Hebrew), you may need to changed the font used in the report.

How to report PDF reporting issues to Alpha Software

If your report does not render correctly when printed as a PDF, right click on the report in the Web Project Control Panel and select the Create Bug Report menu option under the Datasources menu. Select a location to store the .zip file and be sure to check the Include Raw Pages option. Send the zip file to [email protected].

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