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You can now insert text dictionary tags in Layout Table reports defined at the Project level. Workspace reports do not support Text Dictioanries.

For example, you can specify the title of a column in a Layout Table report as


When the report is printed, the text dictionary tags are resolved.

To define the Text Dictionary, go to the Project Properties dialog on the Web Control Panel.

To define entries in the Text Dictionary, select the Text Dictionary... command from the Report menu in the Layout Table Report Editor.


When you preview your report, you can specify which Language you want to use by selecting the 'Default Language for Text Dictionary...' command on the Report menu.


When you define a Layout Table report, the Cell Contents dialog allows you to edit the contents of a cell in the Layout Table. If you want to use Text Dictionary tags on some static text, you must check the 'Is Template' checkbox as shown below.


When you click the 'Is Template' checkbox, then .. tags will be evaluated. In addition, any text enclosed in { } brackets will be evaluated as an Xbasic expression.