Layout Table Reports


Alpha Anywhere now has two styles of reports, the traditional free form banded report, and a new layout table banded report. For web use, most people will want to use the new layout table report with HTML output. To create a Layout Table Report, first create a report with the Quick Report Genie, then convert the Quick Report to a Layout Table Report.

Strengths of Layout Table Reports 

  • Capable of generating high quality HTML output

  • Capable of generating Excel output with excellent fidelity to the design

  • Capable of creating rounded corners across sections of the report, effectively putting an attractive frame around all or part of the report

  • Improved style sheet support, with different styles for the header, summaries, and details

  • Easier to maintain columnar reports, since inserting a new column will automatically adjust the other columns.

  • Can be used as linked reports

  • Does not use the Amyuni driver for HTML or Excel output

Strengths of Free Form Reports 

  • Offer absolute positioning, for precise control over reports to be output onto pre-printed forms

  • Allow for conditional report objects

  • Capable of creating multi-column reports

Layout Table Report Topics 

  • Converting a Quick Report to a Layout Table Report

  • Editing a Layout Table Report

  • Using a Layout Table Report

  • Layout Table Report Example: Customer List