Report Preferences


Pre-calculate record count, warning dialogs, and printing from preview window

Pre-calculate Record Count

To prevent blank reports (where the filter criteria selected no records) from printing, select View Settings > Preferences > Reports > Pre-calculate Record Count. Set the Value field to "Yes". This will cause slower printing, particularly for longer reports, but it allows Alpha Anywhere to display a warning message when a report has a zero record count.

Warning Dialogs

Select View Settings > Preferences > Reports > Warning Dialogs. Set the Value to "Yes" to show a warning dialog when printing a report and when the current selection of records is meaningless.

Printing from Preview Window

When the user prints from the Preview window, should the Preview window be automatically closed? Select View Settings > Preferences > Reports > Printing from Preview Window. Set the Value to "Yes" to automatically close the Preview window and maintain Alpha Four compatibility.

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