Embedding Fonts in Reports


If a PDF Report is opened on a device that does not have the font used to generate the PDF Report, the Report will not render as expected. To fix this, 'Embed fonts' must be enabled in the PDF options.


In certain cases, generated PDF reports will not render correctly on iOS devices. The PDFs do not render on the iOS devices because they use fonts they are not native to the iOS device. This can happen if the 'Embed fonts' option is disabled when the PDF is generated. The solution is to turn the 'Embed fonts' option on in Project Properties.

The Embed fonts option is turned on by default in Alpha Anywhere. Since this will result in slightly larger PDF files, some developers might want to not embed fonts in generated PDF files. This can be done by setting the property in the Project Properties.

How to Enable or Disable Embedded Fonts in PDF Reports

By default, Alpha Anywhere automatically embeds fonts in PDF reports. You can disable (or enable) this behavior in Web Project Properties.

  1. On the Web Projects Control Panel, click on Project Properties to open the Web Project Properties.

  2. On the Run-time Properties tab, expand the PDF Printing Options and click the button for PDF Options to open the PDF Options dialog.

  3. Locate the Embed fonts property. To embed fonts, check the Embed fonts property. To disable font embedding, uncheck the Embed fonts property.

  4. Save your changes.

'Embed fonts' was turned on by default in Alpha Anywhere build 4004.