Change Component storage type


Change the storage type for Grid and UX Components. The storage type can be either JSON or Binary.


UX Components and Grid Components can be saved as formatted JSON or binary. The Change Component storage type bulk operation allows you to quickly change the storage type for multiple UX or Grid components to Formatted JSON or Binary.

How to Perform a Change Component storage type Bulk Operation

  1. To perform a Change Component storage type bulk operation, open the Web Projects Control Panel and select Bulk Operations > Change Component storage type... from the Edit menu:

  2. Select the type of components you would like to update. You can choose Grid Components or UX Components.

  3. Select the Components by checking the checkbox next to the filename. You can use the Select All, Un-Select All or Wildcard Select links to select files.

  4. Choose the storage type to use in the Save component as: dropdown. The component can be stored as one of the following types:

    Storage Type
    Formatted JSON

    Component properties will be saved in clear text. This is useful if you are using a source or version control system that supports displaying differences between file versions.


    Component is stored as binary. Binary files are smaller than Formatted JSON.

  5. Click OK to perform the bulk operation. A notice with a summary of the operation will be shown when the bulk operation completes.