Finding Component Dependencies


Find out what references and is referenced by a component using the Show dependencies for this component... tool.


The Show dependencies for this component... tool in the Web Projects Control Panel can be used to find out what components (e.g. Grid, UX, etc) reference a component as well as the components that are referenced by a component.

To open the tool, select a component on the Web Projects Control Panel. Then, right-click and select Show dependencies for this component... from the context menu.


This will diplay the Dependency Tree dialog with two lists: Called by and Calls.


The Called by section shows a list a all components that reference the current component (the name of the current component is shown in double quotes in the dialog title bar.)

The Calls section shows a list of all components referenced by the current component.

While in this dialog, you can select a component in the Called by or Calls section for editing. Simply select the component and click the Edit component link below the respective lists. You can also view the dependencies for a component by clicking the Show dependencies for selected component link.