Developing Applications with Xbasic


An index of pages relating to developing applications in Xbasic.

About Xbasic

Xbasic is not a necessary component of your Alpha Anywhere application. It is quite possible for you to develop sophisticated applications without consciously using any Xbasic. You might, in fact, be using some behind the scenes when you use Action Scripting, but that is a topic for another book ( Introduction to Action Scripting ). Xbasic is an interpreted language much like Basic, which is found in many versions throughout the programming world. Xbasic has a similar vocabulary and syntax, and it is easy to learn. Its many built-in functions have intuitive, easy to understand names. This book is for the more adventurous developer, who wants to customize an application, beyond where the many interactive tools would normally take it. It is also for the developer, who wants to turbo-charge an application.

About Developing a Database Application

The Xbasic Reference is organized to present reference material in an orderly sequence, from the topics that everyone should understand to the topics that will stretch your technical skills. Having said that, we will attempt to provide relevant samples of working code that you can use as templates to speed your application development.