"Maximum Stack Depth Exceeded" Error Message


The "maximum stack depth exceeded" error message can occur if you put a script on the OnFetch event and you scroll through records quickly, or if you put a script on a button and then press the button repeatedly. There may be other ways in which the error can occur. The error occurs because the script is invoked a second time before the current instance of the script has finished executing.


The following technique in Xbasic should eliminate the error message by preventing the script from executing while a previous instance of the script is still running.

dim shared busy as L   'declare a shared logical variable
if (.not. busy) then   'don't execute the script if previous instance still running
    busy = .T.
    'put the Xbasic commands that you want to execute here
    busy = .F.
end if

For example:

dim shared busy as L
if (.not. busy) then
    busy = .T.
    busy = .f.
end if

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