Setting the Script Recording Level


You can determine whether the Script Recorder records operations (such as Append, Copy, Export etc.) as Low level, or high level Xbasic commands. For example:

:A5.EXPORT("invoice numbers to excel")

is a high level command, whereas the following sequence shows low level commands:

export.file = filename
export.type = 1
export.names = export_names
export.options = "Q"
export.field_sep = ","
export.rec_sep = ""
export.fields = 5
export.field1 = "cust_id"
export.field2 = "salutation"
export.field3 = "first_name"
export.field4 = "last_name"
export.field5 = "home_phone"

In some circumstances it might be preferable to record low level Xbasic command because you might want to "hard code" a sequence. To set the level at which the Xbasic Script Recorder operates, click the appropriate button in the Script Recorder window.

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