Xbasic Script Context


When you run a script that is attached to a toolbar button, the script has the same context as the active window. The aliases this and parentform, used in a script attached to a toolbar button, refers to the active window. For example, assume that you have a toolbar with this Xbasic code attached to one of the buttons on the toolbar:

name = this.name()
ui_msg_box("window name is:" , name)

When you press the toolbar button, it will report the name of the window that is active. The following example shows code that could be attached to a Query By Form toolbar to insert the "Is not blank" search operator into the field that currently has focus:

'Determine which object currently has focus
active_object = parentform.active()
'Get a pointer to that object
ptr = obj(active_object)
'Set the text property of that object
ptr.text = "Is not blank"


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