How to Locate the Application Server configuration file being used by the current instance of Alpha


Alpha Anywhere and the Application Server each store server settings in a configuration file on the computer's hard drive. The location of the file being used by an instance of Alpha Anywhere or the Application Server can be determined using the function a5_GetAppServerConfigFile(). For example:

? a5_GetAppServerConfigFile()
= "C:\AppServer\ServerConfig.xml"

Typically, you would execute this function from the Interactive Window to ascertain the location of the configuration file in use for creating an application shortcut.

You could also put this code on an A5W page on your server, for reference:

<%a5 ? a5_GetAppServerConfigFile() %>


You can execute the a5_GetAppServerConfigFile() command by right clicking on the icon in the system tray and selecting the Interactive Window command.

Then paste the command into the Interactive window and press enter.

? a5_GetAppServerConfigFile()
= "C:\ProgramData\Alpha Software\Alpha Anywhere Version 12\Installations\CProgramFilesx86a5V12\ApplicationServerConfig.xml"

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