How to Specify an Alternate Configuration File for the Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server


The Classic Application Server allows for an alternate configuration file to be specified. This is done through the use of a command line option, CONFIGFILE. For example, to launch the Application Server using a configuration file named TestConfig.xml in the root of the server's C drive:

A5ApplicationServer.exe -CONFIGFILE="C:\TestConfig.xml"

A command line such as this example could be run from a command prompt directly, saved as a shortcut, or used with third-party tools that launch and/or manage programs.

If the specified configuration file is not found, a warning will be displayed and startup will be aborted. To create a new configuration file, you may either create a new, empty file which the Application Server will then populate with defaults, or you may make a copy of an existing configuration file, start the Application Server, and then modify settings as desired.

CONFIGFILE is only supported by the Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server (A5ApplicationServer.exe). If specified when starting the Alpha Anywhere Development server (Alpha5.exe), the CONFIGFILE parameter will be ignored.

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