How to Export Selected Records to Excel in a Grid Component with a Checkbox Selector


Individual rows in a Grid Component can be exported to an Excel file using the Checkbox Selector Column to filter the Grid Component before performing the export.


The Checkbox Select Column adds a column of checkboxes to the Grid Component that can be used to select one or more rows in the Grid. The Grid Component can be filtered on the selected rows using the {grid.Object}.filterCheckedRows() method. Once the Grid has been filtered on the checked rows, the "Export to Excel or Ascii or Custom Format" Action Javascript action can be used to generate an Excel file that will contain the current records in the Grid Component.

For step-by-step instructions for how to export selected rows to an Excel file in a Grid Component with a Checkbox Select Column, watch the video below:

The Feature Packs referred to in this video (the Checkbox Selector Colulmn and Excel Export features) were originally released as add-on purchases for Alpha Five Version 10. These features are automatically included in Alpha Anywhere.