How to add Animation Effects to Client-side Show/Hide Expressions


Client-side show/hide expressions can be defined to dynamically display controls in a component. An animation effect can be applied when the control's display changes.


The Grid and UX Components both allow you to define client-side show/hide expression to dynamically hide and show controls on a component. You can associate an animation effect with each show/hide expression. This is specified with an animation command, shown before the show/hide expression in the example below:

[[Slide,Slow|Slide,Slow]]Bill_state_region = "MA"

Checking the Animate show/hide option in the Client-Side Show/Hide Expression builder enables animations for the show/hide expression. You can define separate animations for show and hide. The animation style and speed are configurable for both the show and hide events.

For full details on how to add an animation effect to your Client-side Show/Hide Expressions, watch the video below