How to download a Sample App from the Alpha Anywhere GitHub Repository


Several sample applications are available from the Alpha Anywhere GitHub repository. This article explains how to find and download a sample application and open it in Alpha Anywhere.

  1. Navigate to

    The Alpha Anywhere sample app repository located at
  2. Click the "Repositories" to display a list of all sample applications.

    Repositories lists all sample applications available for download
  3. Select the sample app you want to download

    Viewing the Inspections Solutions app respository
  4. Click the Clone or download button and select the Download Zip option to download the sample application.

    Clone or download the Inspection Solutions repository
  5. When the .zip file download complete, extract all files from the .zip file.

    Extract all the files in the .zip file
  6. When extraction is complete, launch Alpha Anywhere and open the Alpha Anywhere .adb file located inside the folder where the extracted files were saved.

    The extracted files
    The Inspection Solutions app opened in Alpha Anywhere

Repositories With no .adb File

Not all repositories include an Alpha Anywhere project. For repositories without an Alpha Anywhere project, you will need to add the downloaded files to an existing or new Alpha Anywhere web project. This can be done by opening (or creating) an Alpha Anywhere workspace and using the Add Files button on the Web Projects Control Panel toolbar to add the files to the project.